I’m recommending here that you take a look at a website/app that can provide us with some motivation, to achieve an objective we might have or a bit of coaching towards a goal.

You send yourself an email that will be sent back to you and you’ll open at a date you designate in the future. So if there’s something that you’d like to achieve or have done by then, or you’d just like to reflect at that future point on where you are now, and where you’ve been physically or metaphorically, it serves that purpose.

It can be a ‘promise’ you make to yourself, or a form of ‘time capsule’. How about undertaking for example that you’ll pay attention to your wellbeing, your health; you’ll be kind to yourself and self-compassionate or similar? That’s for you to decide

Here’s a link to the ‘Future Me’ website (Oh, and it’s free!)

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