I wanted to cover here how getting on with others, and fostering healthy relationships, will contribute to our wellbeing. In this context, being emotionally intelligent will help us to tune in to ourselves and others so we can do just that.

If someone behaves in an emotionally intelligent (EI) way towards us, we’re more likely to reciprocate, and behave in an EI way too (behaviour begetting behaviour). Important then in the organizational context that we encourage, allow for and promote such behaviours.

It’s not only mutually beneficial for interactions between individuals though, getting along, getting the job done and maximizing the chances of making the most of ourselves/others. It’s also enlightened self-interest, making it easier for us to thrive in this conducive environment.  

In group sessions we talk about how we can ‘spread the virus’ of EI behaviour to others, because it’s contagious, and also what might get in the way sometimes of this happening: the personal constraints/barriers, and what we might do about them

Some of the signals/messages we can convey to others

“I’m listening

I’m minded to like you

I respect you

I accept you

I’m interested in you/what you have to say

I understand you

I value you

We’re equal as human beings

I hear you

I get you

You have my attention

I’m okay/you’re okay”

Others are then more likely to give of their best, so they feel comfortable and at ease, and can express themselves, to our mutual benefit

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