I’d like to share a few thoughts on mental ‘time travelling’: to the past and/or to the future, and what we might be able to do about it if we find ourselves:
👎 Dwelling/ruminating on the past and going over – not letting go of – things that have gone, in an unhelpful way
👎 Getting anxious/worrying about how things might go wrong in the future; being fearful of challenge or making mistakes; the ‘what ifs’ of potential failure etc

For sure, if we can learn from past experience or plan for the future in a helpful way as a result of the foregoing, then great! (Incidentally, a 2010 study found that people are thinking about what is not happening almost as often as they are thinking about what is, and that doing so typically makes them unhappy…..)

If this sort of thing has been weighing us down/making us anxious for example, what can we do about it?

Mindful has a nice article (link below) about how we can start to do just this
🧠 Notice: Bring attention to our mental state
🧠 Shift: Bring your attention to/focus on the present moment, e.g. sensations in your body or your breath
🧠 Rewire: Take 15 to 30 seconds to savour this alternative experience of being present

With no ‘internal chatter’ we can then be fully engaged with what’s in front of us


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