I plan to run some online resilience training before too long. In the meantime I’d like to share with you a few thoughts/ideas that have resonated with some of my clients and delegates in the past.

To note

✏️You will in the fullness of time look back on this difficult period

✏️ You can and will get through this

✏️ When you have come through this – you’ve been challenged, and passed the test – you are very likely to be (even) more resilient than you were before the pandemic

As you go through the following points, please think of how and why each of the suggestions might be helpful:

📌 Plan something to look forward to for the time when our current situation is over with 

📌 Focus on controlling the controllables, even if it’s just the small things, and let go of those things you can’t control

📌 Adopt a realistically optimistic outlook

📌 Remind yourself of those things/people/circumstances in life you’re grateful for

📌 Be mindful, and let negative thoughts go if they pop up now and then

📌 Treat yourself with kindness; compassion; acceptance and tolerance

📌 Imagine how someone you admire/a role model might be handling things: how they would be approaching and behaving each day

📌 Ask yourself ‘How many people are there in worse situations than me?’

Take care

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