I work with a number of 1-1 coaching clients focussing on a number of these thinking skills, and their relationship with how they feel, and behave as a result. We typically talk about what they can do in terms of their habits, behaviours and their mindset: what they’d like to do more of, and less of. I thought to share them here. I’ve also put together a group training session based around these skills: click on the image below to take a look.

If you might be interested, the link here takes you to a brief ‘Thinking errors’ quiz – a ‘check-list’ really –  testing how many of these you might be involved in: e.g. catastrophising; personalisation; using a double standard; undue self-criticism; mind-reading. This is just an awareness-raising exercise, so we can identify it if there’s something we’d like to change. You can download a copy from there if you like.

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