I’d like to share the enclosed, in case you hadn’t seen it and if it might be helpful, now or sometime later: sending yourself a message from the future, courtesy of Future Me

It’s a nice little (free) tool that provides us with an opportunity to

  • Reflect and take stock of where we’re at currently
  • Note down where we’d like to get to
  • Do a bit of ‘time projection’ to a chosen point in the future
  • Do some action planning/make a promise

(I recognise that you might not feel like doing any of those things at the moment!)

It can help to take us out of our current situation, in a ‘3rd party’ kind of way – the future version of “What advice would I give my 16-year old self?”

You can of course do all of the above without resorting to this sort of service, but some find it useful and fun, and it can provide a bit of extra commitment and motivation, a ‘nudge’, particularly as we’re noting/writing something down.

It might just be that it’s helpful to write down how you’re feeling today!

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