I’d like to share a few tips and techniques to encourage our resilience during uncertain times/when things are difficult

🎯Be kind to yourself

🎯Remember that the situation is temporary and will pass

🎯Remind yourself that you are and have been resourceful in the past (think of those times)

🎯Remember that thoughts are just words/images in our heads, if you’re having unhelpful thoughts about yourself or the past or the future, they’re (current) opinions, not facts, and there are alternative views

🎯Let your (unhelpful) thoughts come and go/carry them lightly, trying to force them out is likely to be counter-productive

🎯Try ‘Role Modelling’: ask yourself how someone you admire would be handling things

🎯Control the controllable – accept that we can’t control everything, and that letting go is a way of taking control

🎯Ask yourself how an optimist would be dealing with the situation

🎯Accept that there will be discomfort

🎯Which personal strengths of yours have been helpful recently? E.g. patience; sense of humour; keeping positive and hopeful; keeping things in perspective; fortitude; perseverance; persistence; helping others

Just some ideas that others have found helpful

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