Especially given the current climate, I wanted to share a few ideas on what we can do to look after our wellbeing, and encourage and maintain our resilience.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts the benefits of:

💡Reminding ourselves of those things/people/circumstances in life that we have to be grateful for

💡 Being mindful and noticing if we’re engaging in negative/unhelpful thinking – not dwelling on these thoughts and giving them energy; letting such thoughts go; accepting that in this context, the future doesn’t exist: it’s just thoughts in the present

💡 (Realistic) optimism

Secondly, it will be helpful for our wellbeing if we treat ourselves with:





As a consequence, we’re likely to be better able to deal with life’s ups and downs, and be resilient.
We’re also more likely to treat others in a similar way. 

Lastly, when life is difficult, we can remind ourselves of one or more of the following:

✏ “I can get through this”

✏ “I am and have been resourceful”

✏ “This is temporary; it will come to an end”

✏ “Nothing is guaranteed”

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