Hello from Marc Kirby at Stress Management Plus

I am a trainer and coach, and work with groups and individuals in how to manage our emotions; how to develop and maintain a resilient outlook; how to prevent stress; how to be emotionally intelligent; how to make the most of ourselves personally and professionally and live our best lives. I support individuals/staff to make the most of themselves and maximise performance personally and professionally.

Marc Kirby

My group trainings and coaching for individuals/staff enable you to:

  • Be emotionally intelligent (manage your emotions; build and maintain relationships)
  • Keep things in perspective
  • Cope with pressure and prevent stress
  • Deal with situations you may be struggling with
  • Maintain and encourage a resilient attitude
  • Keep focused
  • Make the most of yourself
  • Realise your potential
  • Keep developing
  • Cope with change and uncertainty
  • Develop and maintain optimism (and hope)
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Be self-compassionate

For the organisation

My training interventions for staff and managers support the business to promote wellbeing and ensure that we are better able to recognise, identify and deal with the causes of stress, and thereby improve individual and organisational performance.

For the organisation, this means supporting you to promote a positive culture/positive behaviours and perform more efficiently; cut the costs associated with poor performance and sick absence; have a more engaged, effective and productive workforce; comply with the law; have a workforce that is better able to cope with change and uncertainty; communicate well/have less conflict.

To find out more, why not book an introductory video call with me here, so we can get the ball rolling. Let’s talk!


I have been training and developing people for over 30 years through roles in workplace counselling, stress management, coaching, training and teaching.

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On-line training

I offer the following trainings, currently via Zoom

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On-line coaching

I work collaboratively with you, examining what’s going on for you, and what it is that’s preventing you leading the life you want to.

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