If you’d like some ideas on how to boost your self belief and/or self confidence, try this journal I’ve put together that I know others have found helpful to achieve just that. 

Some of the benefits that will accrue from this practice include bringing to mind, identifying, recognising and looking for:
📈Those elements of your life you’re grateful and thankful for

📈What you do, and have done, well

📈How you’ve succeeded

📈How and when you have – and therefore can – be motivated; determined; persevering and resilient

It will also bring to mind how:
😊There is kindness in your world/the world

😊You have felt and can feel good about yourself

😊Good things have happened and can happen to you

😊You can and have made good things happen

What we’re doing here is to focus on what’s going right, rather than what’s going wrong, and building on that: the light, rather than the shade.

What you do: It’s a journal that you complete once a day over the course of the week, preferably at a similar time of day, recalling as above those times you experienced something beneficial, that made you feel good, and/or that boosted your mood and sense of wellbeing.
There are 3 suggestions per day, but you can ‘mix and match’ if one or two of the suggestions fit better on another day. 

How this is helpful: because we’re bringing to mind those times in our day when we achieved; we overcame a difficulty; we felt thankful; we contributed; we felt positive, then since we’re looking for them, we can see them more easily, we recognise them and are intentionally acknowledging them.

What we’re looking to achieve is for this approach and attitude and formula to become habitual: we discover or rediscover that person who is more likely to be grateful, who recognises the good that they can experience and make happen, who sees the positive, and who can be optimistic and hopeful, with all the benefits that can bring, including being better able to deal with adversity and setbacks. 

If you’d like a copy, just click on the pic. You can then print it off and complete it as above – writing things down is likely to be more impactful, and you’re more likely to reflect and commit and gain benefit from the process.

Copy the form to complete it for future weeks. You can continue with journaling until such time as you deem appropriate and necessary: we’re looking as before for this mindset and approach and attitude to become habitual, just something that’s part of our makeup and what we do, who we are. 

If you’d like more exercises and techniques like this, do take a look at my ‘Top 20 Stress Management Tips and Techniques’ online course, from which this journaling exercise is taken.

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