Happy National Be Good To Yourself Day!

Alright, hands-up, I made up this ‘National’ day, but if there were one, it might go something like this……….

Today you are entitled/permitted/compelled/required etc to be good to yourself and self-compassionate and kind to yourself all day. If you’re already signed up to do this on a regular basis, that’s great, keep it up! If however, you need a slight or bigger nudge in the direction of self-care, please take note of, sign up to and follow these guidelines for today. I pledge that today:

  • “I’ll practice self-compassion and self-kindness”
  • “If I make a mistake or things don’t go to plan, I will not give myself a hard time”
  • “I will not criticise myself in an unhelpful way”
  • “If I start dwelling too much on the negative, I’ll do one or more of the following: 
              – challenge my thoughts
              – let my thoughts come and go
              – recognise that I am not my thoughts
              – remember that negative thoughts about myself are (current) opinions, not facts”
  • “I’ll do something that makes me feel happy/fulfilled or treat or spoil myself in some small or bigger way”

Very occasional transgressions of these guidelines will be permitted as we are all only human😊: no ‘beating yourself up’ if you don’t follow them 100%.

Please add your own ideas and activities that you know or you think might work for you. As ever, do get in touch with me for further advice/suggestions.

 (And yes, you guessed it, NBGTY Day is for every day!).   

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