Reducing Sick Absence and Improving Individual and Organisational Performance (half-day)

Course Aim

The aim of this evidence-based course is to demonstrate how promoting wellbeing and encouraging an engaged and motivated workforce can reduce sick absence and improve performance at the individual and organisational level

Course objectives

By the end of the session, participants will be able to 

  • say where to start in addressing sick absence, and why
  • describe the symbiotic relationship between employee wellbeing and organisational wellbeing
  • identify a number of examples of poor employee wellbeing and poor organisational wellbeing (symptoms)
  • provide a defintion of ‘work-related stress’
  • describe the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards
  • say how each workplace hazard can impact negatively on the individual and organisation
  • say how addressing each workplace hazard can impact positively at each level
  • describe what the individual employee can do to encourage and enhance their own wellbeing
  • describe what the manager can do to encourage and enhance employee wellbeing
  • state how the above can have a direct impact on performance and absence levels

Course details

This thought-provoking and interactive and participative session is aimed at managers, HR and other professionals interested in reducing the costs to the business of sick absence and under-performance. We examine how this can be tackled through promoting wellbeing and encouraging an engaged and motivated workforce. The session explores what the individual can do (e.g. in terms of their coping strategies, resilience, and attitude) and what the manager can do (e.g. through addressing the workplace hazards described in the HSE Management Standards approach). We also look at the reciprocal relationship between employee and organisation wellbeing, and how we can take a pro-active, preventative approach to the subject. Delegates leave the session with the knowledge and skills to make a strong business case for promoting wellbeing in the organisation.

Booking Details

To book a course for your company, or to obtain further details, call 0118 3283246 or email

We're helping organisations (see our client list) to save money every day, just in reducing sick absence costs and the costs of under-performance.

Get in touch now to start doing the same for your organisation today. Here are some example case studies demonstrating the benefits of investing in wellbeing.

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