Developing and Maintaining Resilience (half-day)

Course Aim
To support staff to maintain, encourage and promote resilience (particularly at times of change and uncertainty) and to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with their life/work situation.
Course objectives
By the end of the session, participants will be able to
  • say what we mean by ‘resilience’
  • describe the concept of self-talk, and how our thoughts affect our feelings, and vice-versa
  • state some of the potential negative impacts adversity may cause    
  • detail the four ‘components’ of resilience, and how you match up against them
  • explain which particular skills/elements you would like to focus on (e.g. optimism, assertiveness)
  • say how you can expand your ‘comfort zone’
  • detail a number of tools and techniques for promoting resilience
  • set your own resilience plan
Course details
This is a highly practical thought-provoking course, which provides delegates with practical assistance in developing and maintaining their resilience. It is applicable and useful for all, allowing delegates to identify and examine their own resiliency skills, and areas for improvement, providing practical ways that that they can employ to develop those areas of need they have identified.   

There is a combination of trainer input and delegate participation in this session, with delegates encouraged to provide feedback and practice resilience skills.

Participants will complete a resilience plan – how they will maintain, encourage and promote their resilience - at the end of the session, to be submitted, and then returned some time later, as part of their learning.

Booking Details
To book a course for your company, or to obtain further details, call us at Stress Management Plus on 0118 9721820 or email

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