1-1 Coaching

How we respond to 'pressure' and 'stress’ will vary from individual to individual, but the important factor is how it’s affecting you, the impact it’s having, whether it’s
  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • behavioural
  • a combination of all of the above 
We work collaboratively with clients, examining what’s going on for them, and what it is that’s preventing them leading their lives the way they want to. This might be a short-term or longer term issue that you need some support with. We have helped hundreds of clients to deal with stress; assertiveness; to gain more confidence; to increase their motivation; gain clarity and direction in their lives; improve self-esteem; learn to relax. We have also helped clients to deal with and cope with difficult situations and prepare for upcoming events (presentations etc.).
The modern world presents us with a number of challenges, and we don’t always have the support or resources we need – or it feels that way – to meet these challenges. It can be a case too of feeling that we can’t cope with what the world throws at us and we can feel stressed. We can find ourselves thinking and behaving in ways that aren’t always helpful for us. For example, a lack of assertiveness, or low self-esteem, can lead to an inability to communicate as we’d like to, and to deal with others and everyday situations.
Coaching is based on the principle that our well-being is down to ourselves, and we are responsible for it. This is a positive concept in that it means that we have the means, the power and the influence to change our situations if we can work out how to do so. We can for example, ‘think our way into trouble’, and get stressed. This means too though that we can think our way out of trouble, get a new perspective on things, and begin to think, and behave, in ways that help relieve that stress.
Focussing totally on your own position, we can offer you a unique kind of support, giving you a genuine commitment to your well-being. This will involve a combination of questioning, listening, feedback and goal-setting.
Sessions can be conducted face-to-face or via the telephone, and last around 50 minutes. Prospective clients are offered a 30-minute ‘taster session’, free of charge. Do get in touch at info@stressmanagementplus.com or on 0118 9721820 so we can discuss how we can support you. 

We're helping organisations (see our client list) to save money every day, just in reducing sick absence costs and the costs of under-performance.

Get in touch now to start doing the same for your organisation today. Here are some example case studies demonstrating the benefits of investing in wellbeing.

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